One of the large challenges in aquatic weed control is buy-in from fisherman that there is a real difference between a healthy native plant community and a dense monoculture of invasive weeds. While a stand of invasives can provide good fishing habitat initially, it's very nature will soon degrade the fishery. One of AERF's strongest spokesmen on this issue is Jeff Holland, a professional biologist and competive bass fisherman.

Jeff has always felt that anglers represent the most passionate, vocal, and organized lake user-groups in the US, and has enjoyed the pleasure of sharing AERF's mission with these recreational enthusiasts over the last four years. Jeff Holland, is a full time biologist who has been competing as a professional bass angler on the Bassmaster Open trail.



Other AERF B.A.S.S. Activities

AERF-APMS/B.A.S.S. Conservation Aquatic Vegetation Management Award

If your B.A.S.S. Nation club has a proposal for a project that either helps control invasive aquatic plants or helps native vegetation thrive, your club could win the $3,000 AERF-APMS/B.A.S.S. Conservation Aquatic Vegetation Management Grant in 2016.

The chapter or club that proposes the most outstanding project will be awarded the grant. The project must be multi-year in scope and on waters accessible to the public. The proposal submission should be a one-page document and must include the components listed here. Submissions will be judged on the description of the need, goals and objectives, a monitoring plan, youth angler involvement, and partnering.

Projects must be submitted to Gilliland at ggilliland@bassmaster.com. Judges will be Gilliland and representatives of the Aquatic Ecosystems Restoration Foundation and the Aquatic Plant Management Society.


Introducing Jeff Holland

Jeff Holland represents AERF at The 2015 Bassmaster Southern Open #3 at Lake Seminole, GA

Hydrilla and Lake Seminole  
Okeechobee Hyacinths  
Tall native plants of the Harris Chain  

Learn more about Jeff at www.jeffhollandfishing.com

Learn more about B.A.S.S at www.bassmaster.com

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